Ilmasäätö Oy controls air conditioning processes
in the most demanding circumstances and environments

Ilmasäätö Oy is a Finnish family owned company, specialised in controlling clean air properties. Located in Turku, Finland, we have provided professional services and tailored solutions since 1976 to a number of customers, e.g. diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and university research laboratories.

Our key business areas are

  • Tailored solutions to individual customer needs (planning and implementation)
  • Measurement and testing services
  • Maintenance and renovation services
  • Validation services

Ilmasäätö Oy relies on three main principles:

  • Innovative approach
  • Simple solutions
  • Flexible operation

Our mission is to provide our customers with reliable and cost efficient solutions to fulfill their specific needs for clean air and clean rooms.

Basic parameters like air cleanness, humidity, pressure and temperature play often a significant role in both laboratory and production environments. Ilmasäätö Oy's core competence lies in controlling these parameters.

Company's knowledge and technology-base is crystallized in Airlaboratory which services all of it's business areas.